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Make your fortune while HEALING our society

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The SWAP Mission… Media corporations are making FORTUNES by distorting the news and MANIPULATING our society.  Now, by embracing the new technology of cryptocurrencies, you can finally turn the tables and…

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Money got us into this mess; CRYPTO can get us out!

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Finally, a way to correct all those conspiracies that your right sided friends just can’t stop talking about.  Shut down that “Fake News” and profit!

Your left sided friends keep getting it wrong, but now you have a strategy to wake them up from being “woke”.  Best of all – you stand to profit!

*Supported wallets include: MetaMask, Trust, Coinbase, Binance, Wallet Connect and more…  

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Tokenomics & RoadMap

No token private sale 

No ICO or pre-sale

100% Owner Liquidity locked (no rug pulls!)


1% Holders rewards

Super Low Slippage! Set slippage to 1.1% 

tokens are certified on BscScan (see below)



TG Groups Launched: RTSD & LFSD

Liquidity Locked on DX.app

100 Holders/2,500 transactions

Media Blitz

Influencer Onboarding

ETH and BSC-20 compliance

BSCscan certified

Strong community growth 

Listed on Nomics.com

Listed on bogged.com


2500 Holders/25,000 transactions

CoinMarketCap Listing

Coingecko Listing

Influencer Onboarding

Media Blitz

3rd Party Audit

1,000 TG Members


+5000 Holders

10,000 TG members

Listed on Binance

Listed on Kucoin

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Monetize Cooperation Instead Of Rage
  • Alter The System Of Media & Bubbles
  • Incentivize Influencers To Correct Misinformation
  • To Help Save The World And Profit
  • That Depends Upon Which Media Bubble You Are Trying To Help Burst. 
  • The Winning Side Always Stands To Benefit From Bursting The Media Bubble Of The Other Side. 
  • No Limits, Buy And Sell As Many As You Would Like.
  • Every Time Someone Buys Your Side’s Token, You Are Automatically Rewarded! 
  • Free Tokens For You By Getting Your Friends To Join.  
  • Pancakeswap
  • Metamask
  • Bogged
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