How To Buy SWAP Crypto

quickest & simplest
way to buy...

This process should takes 5 – 10 minutes. Here’s what you need:

  1. A valid ID, like your driver’s license or passport
  2. A modern mobile phone with front facing camera (selfie)
  3. A valid credit or debit card with a minimum of $25 

Step 1

On your phone, Install the metamask app by clicking the button that corresponds to your phone type.

metamask for iPhone

Step 2

“Create New Wallet”

There are multiple steps that are self explanatory from here, but here’s a guide just in case.

NOTE:  All of the next steps MUST be done using the metamask browser.  You can find the metamask browser in the metamask app menu as illustrated here.

Step 3

Add the BSC network


1. As stated previously, select metamask browser from the metamask app menu

2. enter URL

3. Click the Buy SWAP Crypto from the menu

4. Scroll down to STEP 3 and then click this button.

5. Scroll down to Binance Smart Chain (BSC)  and press the connect wallet button and then press Add to Metamask button.


Add SWAP Crypto  to wallet using one or both of these buttons.

then press the green “Add to MetaMask” button.

Step 5

Buy BNB Tokens

click the BUY button in Metamask and continue with Transak


Enter the amount of BNB to buy in dollars and continue

Important notice for US Citizens: KYC is a government required verification process that applies when opening any financial account when you live in the US. 

You should only have to do this 1 time.  

This is why you need your ID and modern phone w/ selfie camera.


And now you are ready to Buy SWAP Tokens!

Press the SWAP button in metamask to swap BNB for RTSD or LFSD tokens.

STEP 7.5

1. Enter the amount of BNB you want to SWAP for either LFSD or RTSD tokens


2. Select either RTSD or LFSD tokens


3. Press Get quotes button at the bottom of the screen.


Swipe to swap and you are done.  


Welcome to the SWAP team!