Influencer info and sign-up page

Start here (watch this video) for a quick overview of the project

Currently, we are looking for people that like jumping into political conversations on Twitter, FB or Instagram.  You should have over 2,000 followers and the desire/ability to post 1 post per week (which is supplied by us, see example on Twitter), with a standard reply promoting the SWAP project (also supplied by us) and another reply with your personal take on the news item.

All this should realistically take about 5 minutes of your time.

Each week we provide an article that each side is required to post. 

  • Winners post a version that celebrates the win!
  • Losers post a version that informs their side of news they aren’t normally exposed to.

Desire/ability to post 1 post a 3-part “threaded post” each week win or lose (the post is supplied by us – see example below) with a reply (also supplied by us) and another reply with your personal take on the news item.

In this case the LEFT SIDE won, so they get to post this:

“I’m taking part in the SWAP Project, a crypto system designed to bridge political divides! Since the Right Side lost this round, I have to post news the right normally wouldn’t see – agree or not! Help us win next week and have Left Side do this next time!”


In this case the RIGHT SIDE lost, so they had to post this:

“I’m part of the SWAP Project, a crypto system designed to bridge political divides! Since OUR side won this round, Right Siders have to post news their audience wouldn’t normally see! Keep supporting so they have to spread more eye-opening news!”


You get paid each week, in SWAP tokens.


You will be paid in tokens that reflect the side that you originally sign-up to represent – either the Left Side or the Right Side.


Your share is based on 1/20th of your side’s accrued SWAP Pot tokens.  Where the 20 represents the number of influencers on each side of the project.


You must maintain a minimum of 2,000 followers to participate in the SWAP project as an influencer.

Because this is crypto, unlike politics, everything is transparent and available on the blockchain for you to view.  To calculate your portion of the SWAP Pot rewards, simply follow these steps below:

Step 1) View the Locker Contract on your side:
Right Side (RTSD) Token Tracker | BscScan
and get the balance amount, this number should be greater than or equal to 975,426,272.
Step 2) subtract 975426,272 from the balance amount to get the SWAP Pot balance.
Step 3) Divide the SWAP Pot balance by 20 and that is the amount of tokens that represent your share.
Congrats! You are now a block chain wizard.

We don’t like the idea of locking anyone into a contract.  Your commitment will either show through  your actions or not and we evaluate who is trying and performing vs those that are not.  We will be onboarding and offboarding influencers as we grow and those that perform will most likely stick around as long as there is mutual benefit.  You are a free agent/SWAP Star and your participation is always at will.

We also reserve the right to discontinue the relationship with any influencer at any time and for any reason.

These are the current platforms we support:
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook


We are working to add more platforms in the future. 

Yes! And we highly encourage you to do so.  The more active you are in posting to your SM platforms the larger the project grows and thus your share grows too – which directly impacts your compensation.

* Terms subject to change anytime and at the sole discretion of the SWAP project management